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SIGMOD: Paper Formatting Instructions


Submission instructions

Duplicate Submissions

A paper or demo submitted to SIGMOD cannot be under review for any other publishing forum or presentation venue (including conferences, workshops, and journals) during the time it is being considered for SIGMOD. Furthermore, after you submit to SIGMOD, you must await our response and only resubmit elsewhere if your paper is rejected (or withdrawn at your request) from SIGMOD. Violation of this policy will result in rejection of the submission, notification of the SIGMOD Executive, members of the SIGMOD PC, and notification of the editors or chairs of any other forums involved. This restriction applies to identical submissions as well as to submissions with a substantial overlap in scientific content and results.

File Type and Length

File type: Papers are to be submitted as a single PDF file, formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper, and no more than 5MB in file size. (Larger files will be rejected by the submission site.) It is essential that submitted papers print without difficulty on a variety of printers, using Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is the absolute responsibility of the authors to ensure that their submitted PDF file will print easily on simple default configurations.

Length: In keeping with the trends in our community to reduce the length of conference papers, authors are asked to keep their submissions as succinct as possible. Reviewers will be asked if papers are overly long or the text repetitive. The maximum page length for research papers is 12 pages, for demos it is 3 pages. Authors are asked to take the time to make their submissions shorter.

Double-blind reviewing

As has become the tradition for SIGMOD, research papers will be judged for quality and relevance through double-blind reviewing, where the identities of the authors are withheld from the reviewers. Thus, author names and affiliations must not appear in research papers, and bibliographic references must be adjusted to preserve author anonymity. Industrial, demonstration, tutorial, and panel submissions are not subject to double-blind reviewing.

Formatting Instructions

Papers must adhere to the ACM proceedings format, using one of the provided templates (see below). It is not permissible under any circumstance to change the template's font size, margins, inter-column spacing, or line spacing. Templates are available in Word and LaTeX (version 2e). For the LaTeX formats, you may use either the standard style or the SIG-alternate style.

Instructions for the final (camera ready) versions may be found at:

Document Templates

Please use the templates maintained by the ACM for submission. They may be found at