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SIGMOD Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

New Submission Deadline
The deadline for submitting an abstract to the research poster competition has been extended to Monday, February 14, 2011, 5PM, PST.

SIGMOD conference has started an initiative in 2008 that provides undergraduate students an opportunity to showcase their research accomplishments in a poster competition. Several students will be selected to attend the conference and present posters to other attendees of SIGMOD/PODS 2011 to be held in Athens, Greece. For each invited student, a travel stipend will be provided to defray conference attendance costs (registration fee, travel, lodging, etc). The amount of the travel stipend is to be determined. A "best poster" winner will be selected and announced at the SIGMOD 2011 awards session.

Undergraduate students who have played a key role in a research project are invited to submit an abstract to the poster competition. Any research projects broadly related to data management are within the scope of the competition (for a list of sample areas of interest, see the SIGMOD Call for Papers). Based on the abstracts, the competition chair will invite several students to present posters at the SIGMOD/PODS conference. For the purposes of this competition, a student is considered an undergraduate student if he/she has not yet obtained a BS (or equivalent) degree or has obtained that degree on or after November 2010, and he/she is not enrolled in a graduate program at the time of submission. If the applicant's school system is "non-traditional", and the applicant considers him/herself eligible, then the SIGMOD Undergraduate Research Program Chair should be contacted before an abstract is submitted.

Submission Guidelines

In order to submit an abstract to the research poster competition, students must send an email to the competition chair by Monday, February 14, 2011, 5pm PST. The subject of the email must be: "[candidate's full name] SIGMOD UNDERGRADUATE POSTER COMPETITION".

We accept abstracts authored by a single student. In the case in which an undergraduate student participates in a large project, the student must describe clearly in the submitted proposal his/her contribution in the context of the project.

The following information must be included (not attached) in the email in plain text. No HTML, PDF, Postscript or any other formats will be accepted.

  1. Name of department and school, and current academic status, including the number of years until graduation.
  2. Name of academic advisor.
  3. An abstract of up to 800 words explaining the proposed content of the poster, including:
    • A clear and concise problem statement,
    • brief technical overview of the solution,
    • summary of major results (e.g., "faster than existing solutions by x percent").
  4. Description of the role played by the student in the project.

All submissions must be in plain text with the proper subject line as explained above. Any submission that does not satisfy these conditions may be flagged as junk mail and automatically discarded without further notification. Decisions will be emailed by Monday, March 14, 2011; authors of accepted abstracts will receive further instructions at that time. The SIGMOD Undergraduate Research Program Chair reserves the right to reject all submissions.

Note: submissions to the research poster competition are permitted even if the student has already published a paper on the same topic or will have a paper on the same topic at SIGMOD/PODS 2011.

SIGMOD Undergraduate Research Program Chair

Irini Fundulaki (Institute of Computer Science-FORTH, Greece)
fundul [at]

Important Dates

Comments and questions should be directed to the competition chair.


SIGMOD 2011 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition CFP